Most Luxurious Airline Cabins and Suites

It’s a tough job to make a top list, but someone had to do it. Inspired by Eithad’s launch of ‘The Residence’ – a new First Class luxury suite, The Flightfox (crowd sourcing travel website) has devised a comprehensive list of world’s best and Most Luxurious Airline Cabins or First Class in-flight suites. To make the list, they took into account everything from seat configuration, aisle access and suite privacy to the type of champagne served, whether pyjamas were provided and how caviar was plated.

They are luxurious as well as expensive. These suites can make you run behind by their lustrous appearance. Cleanliness, hygiene, classy look are not only the features of these suits but they are very very comfortable. Once you will travel on them you will find that no journey is as comfortable and luxurious as this one before. Top 10 most luxurious Airline cabins are listed below. Take a look!

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